Documents for the stipulation


The following is a list of the main documents needed for the most frequent notarial procedures.

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  • Property deeds (sale, exchange, donation, divisione): 

List of the documents for Property deeds


  • Publication of wills:
    • Original Holographic will
    • Extract of the death certificate 
    • Identity card and tax code of the deceased and of the person (s) involved in the publication
    • If the will includes attributions of specific assets it is requided to provide the deeds of purchase in favor of the deceased


  • Separation of property agreement or other marriage agreement:
    • Identity card and tax code of the spouses
    • Extract of the marriage certificate
    • If the spouses bought properties it is required to provide all related documents


  • Company formation:
    • Identity card and tax code of the partners
    • Provide Company name, headquarters, business purpose, shareholders shares, share capital and type of administration (sole administrator, board of directors)
    Due to the large number of factors to consider when setting up a new company, it is advisable to make an appointment with the notary.


  • Changes to existing companies:
    • Copy of the incorporation certificate and the statute
    • Identity card and tax code of the administrator (for corporations) and of the partners (for partnerships)
    • Detailed information about the changes intended.
    We advise to contact us to make an appointment.


  • Transfer of shareholding:
    • Identity card and tax code of the transferor and the transferee
    • Sale price
    • Copy of the incorporation certificare and the statute / social arrengements.


Please contact us to receive information about the documentation required for the stipulation of the types of deeds not found in the list above.