Foreign language services

According to Italian legislation, notarial deeds are compulsory written in Italian, regardless of the nationality of the parties.

Despite this, the law foresees  and regulates the participation of foreigners who do not speak Italian.

We offer expertise in this field, thanks to the notary's in-depth knowledge of the English language and our long-lasting and continuous experience.


English-speaking foreigners

If the parties speak English, all communications among the parties, the notary and the staff, both before and after the signing of the deed will be in English. Moreover, the deed itself will be written both in English and Italian.


NON-English speaking foreigners

If any of the parties does not speak English, he can be assisted by a trusted interpreter during all stages of the negotiations and the signing of the contract. The deed will be written in Italian and translated into the foreign language by the interpreter. We can help the parties finding an interpreter who will assist them adequately. The flaw-less communication between the parties, the interpreter and our firm will guarantee a quick and accurate service.

For any information and for more details, please contact us.